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De Beers Breaks Ground on Diamond Growing Facility
03 07 2018
A rendering of the 60,000-square-foot Element Six facility now under construction in Gresham, Oregon
Why Do People Like Jewelry? It May Have to Do With Water
27 02 2018
We all know—and most of us are certainly grateful that—consumers love diamonds, gold, and other shiny, sparkly objects.
Поздравляем Веру Анатольевну Кабаровскую с днем рождения!
23 11 2017
От всей души поздравляем с днем рождения главу ЮД Kabarovsky Веру Анатольевну Кабаровскую
GIA discovered a synthetic diamond with a fake labeling
21 11 2017
GIA discovered a synthetic diamond with a fake labeling
Any colored diamond is a good investment
21 11 2017
Bruno Scarselli (Bruno Scarselli) belongs to the third generation of the family Scarcello, which in the past half century produced and sold yellow, blue and pink diamonds, one of the highest quality in the world on the market.
In the Moscow TC 4DAILY opened a jewelry store "Jeweler-Center"
20 11 2017
In November, in the 4Daily shopping center, the Jeweler-Center jewelry salon was opened
New collection of Wild Nature from Jewelry House Violet
20 11 2017
The novelty of the collection Wild Nature from the Jewelry House Violet - earrings "Swallows", made of gold of 585th test, as well as hand painted enamel. Masters tried to convey the lightness and grace of the bird in flight. Decoration will not only…